1345 Old Chapin Road | Lexington, SC 29072



We’re not some world-wide franchise with aspirations of global dominance. And, our restaurant isn’t run by bean counters (aka accountants). We’re more interested in bean pickers and locally sourced produce from this community. And speaking of community, that’s what we are really about. We pride ourselves in being members of the greater Columbia and Lexington Community. We support our local businesses, and we support our local schools. We are a part of the fabric made up of the families that call this part of the country home.

Now, family, there is a really important thing to us. Even our name, “Big Tuna” is the affectionate nickname of the owner’s son. It’s that kind of place – a place built by our family to serve your family. It’s a place where we want to get to know you on a first name or even a nickname basis. Because not only do we want you to get great food here, we want you to have a great experience here. And you will. 

If you’re looking for a truly unique experience with some outstanding modern Southwestern Food and great local craft beer, this is your place. We’ve got a menu that includes mouth-watering southwestern styled dishes prepared just right as well as USDA steaks that just can’t miss. Either way, you’re going to love this place.

So, if you’re thinking you want something ‘a little different,’ we are. Come ‘visit’ us once because after that ‘your family.’ You’ll see what that means.

We’ll be looking for you soon!